Trump has been talking about and implementing tariffs for a while. So it’s no shocking news that he has a new one.

Yesterday, Trump announced a new tariff on all goods coming from Mexico. Keep in mind, that’s where we get a lot of our food, which will affect everyone.

This tariff is threatened to increase over time, if people do not obey his demands. I know we have our differences on immigration for various reasons, but consider this: every American will feel the cost of this tariff, if a group of people do not comply with the demands. This group of people are completely unaffected by this tariff, and therefore have no actual incentive to comply. This is the equivalent of taxing you because your neighbor broke the law.

While the stated motive behind this makes no sense, there might be an ulterior motive. During the Trump presidency, there have been many tax cuts, which people are happy to receive. Even with these cuts, the government continues to collect more money, year after year. At the same time, the deficit continues to increase and is quickly approaching $1 trillion. This has many people accurately pointing out that, just like under every other president before him, the national debt is increasing at an exponential rate.

Taxes collected:

US Deficit:

Why does this happen? Because of spending. Counterintuitively, the spending is the real tax. Whether they take it out of your paycheck now, or 10 years from now, or whether it’s hidden into an increased cost of goods – the more the government spends, the more it will take from you. The more debt it has, the more it will take from you just to make interest payments. Creating new taxes, that are not income taxes, but are hidden in the higher cost of goods, is an easy way to continue with the increased spending.

This is an unending cycle which makes just getting by a struggle for millions of Americans. There is only one way to stop this cycle. We have to stop spending, stop borrowing, and stop taxing.

I’m running for president to make these simple tasks a reality. We have to cut the waste if we ever want to restore stability to this country. And we can do so while still improving the quality of education, healthcare, infrastructure, and the environment.

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