Dear Black People:

Yes, there is systematic racism perpetrated on you by both the Democrats and Republicans.

First they enslaved you, but you fought back. They didn’t want to free you but they did. That was the republicans. The Democrats were against it. Now that you were free, they didn’t want you in their schools or their churches or their businesses unless they could hire you at slave wages. They used the government to enforce this with laws preventing sympathetic white people from hiring you or even using their schools or drinking fountains. Those laws went away but many still refused to hire you, unless they could get away with slave wages.

They still hate you so much they hire as few of you as possible. You fought back and demanded to be treated like humans. Democrats hijacked this movement and instead of being left alone and given access to the free market, you were given free housing to keep you out of their neighborhoods. They also gave you welfare which was just enough to keep you in the ghettos. They’ll try to tell you that you all have the same opportunities but you know that’s not true. The self-perpetuating psychological effects of government assistance has impacted your own self-identity and self-worth. And all the while they take credit for freeing you by ending slavery and helping you with welfare.

As you began to prosper in spite of all of these setbacks, your communities grew in numbers. This was a problem for those who hate you, because they saw your numbers increase when they wanted them to decrease. So they created abortion programs to keep your population down and sent their police to your neighborhoods to keep you in line. They recruited you to the military with false promises, while risking your lives for their profit. Sometimes they would experiment on you, injecting you with syphilis in Tuskegee, spraying biological weapons over St Louis, and they might be getting ready to do it again under the guise of vaccines. They have also dropped a bomb in Philadelphia when they saw you were banding together in defense of this violence against you. They have used the media to demonize you and the weapons you would use to defend yourself. They have significantly disarmed you with systematically racist “common sense” gun control to keep you from defending your rights. They know they can’t prohibit a certain race from owning guns, so they prohibit felons from owning and force you all into that category.

This is the system that will be continued by both the Democrats and republicans. This is why you need to stop listening to and voting for people to hate you. Don’t be blinded by their kind words, pay attention to the destruction caused by their policies.

Some people might tell you I’m trying to play the race card – but that’s just their way of discrediting the truth. The truth is that there is still a lot of racism out there, and while politicians might pretend not to be, their policies are poisoning you.

Just another privileged white person who wants to stop his melanated family and friends from being oppressed by people who look like me but aren’t like me,

Dan Taxation Is Theft Behrman

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