Dan Behrman for Governor of Texas

Former United States presidential candidate and life-long opponent of compulsory, destructive, unethical, and immoral taxes, Dan Taxation is Theft Behrman is running for Governor of Texas.

True freedom begins at home, and we will never be free until we can work together to demand freedom and learn to work together to protect.

We will end the drug war in Texas, replace law enforcement with constitutional peacekeepers, eliminate socially destructive taxes, and protect the citizens of Texas from the corrupt and criminal acts of the IRS, ATF, and other federal agencies.

Restoring freedom to
the Great Republic of Texas


Dan Behrman leads the “Taxation Is Theft” movement and has a website that he runs from Cancún, Mexico. He calls for eliminating the Internal Revenue Service, ending the Federal Reserve and legalizing pineapple pizza.

His platform? “Any person should be free to live their life however they prefer, so long as they don’t hurt others and don’t take their stuff.” Among other issues, Behrman’s campaign calls for ending the Fed, free healthcare and education.

Behrman would significantly reduce the size and scope of the government, roll back all income tax, close the Federal Reserve and IRS, end daylight savings time, and massively cull the criminal justice system.

We are not government property.