for Governor of Texas

Former United States presidential candidate and life-long opponent of compulsory, destructive, unethical, and immoral taxes, Dan Taxation is Theft Behrman is running for Governor of Texas.

True freedom begins at home, and we will never be free until we can work together to demand freedom and learn to work together to protect.

We will end the drug war in Texas, replace law enforcement with constitutional peacekeepers, eliminate socially destructive taxes, and protect the citizens of Texas from the corrupt and criminal acts of the IRS, ATF, and other federal agencies.

Restoring freedom to 

the Great Republic of Texas

Vaccine Policy

No mask mandates. No vaccine mandates. We will push back against the federal government.

Over the last year, with its policies, the Federal government has shown nothing but contempt for the public health. They have mocked medication that has already been approved for other uses and have shown in small trials to be effective against Covid. They have gone back and forth on mask mandates and pushed rushed and untested vaccines that ended up killing many people. They are now using the force of federal law to push every American to become a long-term paying subscriber of unnecessary products from Big Pharma. They are fleecing the sheep. As governor I will not stand for this. It is a human right to decide how we take care of our own health. Government’s job is not to force us to take medicine for diseases we don’t have. If they have any role in our health, it’s making sure that we have true and unbiased information to make our own decisions with the help of our doctors.

The states are not powerless against the federal government, but that power can only be exercised with leadership willing to push back and defend Texans against Federal overreach.

I am not anti vax. I am anti mandate. The propaganda machine in Washington is now trying to say those two are the same. They are not. They never will be.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are one of the biggest burdens put on working class Texans. With a shattered economy resulting from the poor covid 19 response, many Texans were pushed closer to their breaking point. When property taxes go unpaid, the state will strip Texans of their property, handing it over to big banks or real estate investors for pennies on the dollar. The government is supposed to protect our property, not make it easy for people to take it away. Without property taxes, more Texans would have been able to life more comfortably through the economic downturn. Eliminating property tax for rental properties could also be used as leverage to lower rent. The life of a Texan should be built on a solid foundation that starts with a home, fully owned, without dent, and without the burden of an eternal property tax. This is a precious safeguard that would keep Texans comfortable, even during the most unexpected economic downturns.


We need to reduce the bureaucracy and, in some cases, complexly nullify federal laws and regulations. I have personally brought in medications from Mexico and delivered them to people in need in Texas. These medications of of the same quality, from the same manufacturers that are sold in the US. In fact, some of these are even manufactured in the US. However, because of market restrictions, those medications can be acquired in Mexico with up to a 95% discount. People think the problem with America’s soaring healthcare costs is too many greedy corporations. But those corporations are just as greedy in Mexico and Canada where those same drugs sell for far less. There is only one problem bigger than their greed, and that’s the bureaucrats in Washington who give in to that greed, and pass laws to protect and serve that greed. With strong leadership in Texas, we can bypass federal restrictions and give Texas access to affordable medicine.

Bring back the economy

Texas is often looked up to by Americans as a state that represents true freedom. In that spirit, we need to get rid of license requiments on jobs and businesses. With the bureaucracy out of the way, Texas will prosper. We’ll start with the most ridiculous of regulations and license requirements like cutting and braiding hair, having a garage sale, or driving for a ride sharing app.

Cannabis legalization

Smoking weed is a human right. Anyone in prison for for non-violentdrug offenses must be released, arrests must cease and prohibition must end. Criminal prosecution of people who are doing nothing more than pursuing their own happiness or helping others to pursue theirs, is barbaric, and does not belong in a free society. As a human right, there should be no regulations or prohibitions on growing, selling, possessing or consuming cannabis.. While some people express a genuine concern about the negative impact of such a policy on our society, it’s important to remember that any derivative behavior that causes harm to another person or their property is already illegal. Locking up innocent people to prevent a few crimes only serves to cause irreparable harm to innocent people’s futures, and does nothing to prevent the crimes they purport to. Prohibition does more harm than good.

We are not government property

Executive Orders:

A Governor's Executive Order

An executive order has been issued and directed at the citizens of Texas, but neither the government nor the media seems to understand that the Governor's executive orders do not apply to non-government employees.

Furthermore, we are asked to follow the advice of doctors who don't participate in any research and who don't even practice medicine, they only play doctors on TV to push a political agenda.

The virus is real, which is why it's especially important that we don't listen to pseudo science, even if it comes from the government. It is an individual's right to choose whether or not to wear a mask, and a business owner's right to choose whether or not to mandate masks on their property.

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