This is Dan    ↓ 

Dan believes in freedom. 

Dan wears a big yellow hat.

While he is mocked for this, it is a reminder that most of politics is a big clown show. We should look past appearances and fancy speeches and start looking at their actions and consequences.

Dan doesn't pay income tax.

He's read the Internal Revenue Code, dozens of appeals and Supreme Court rulings, and understands that this tax is a fraud that isn't applicable to most American's income. It wasn't paid by most Americans until World War II, when it was forced on people during a time of panic. If that weren't enough, he objects to the wars and violence that are funded by this tax. He knows that the only way to prevent politicians from burying future generations in unpayable debt, is to stop them from borrowing. The only way to stop them from borrowing is to cut off the cash flow basis for those loans.

Dan believes that taxation is theft.

He knows there are other ways to pay for public services that don't require coercion. The only way for the people to retain power over their government, is to retain the power to refuse to fund it. Paying taxes goes directly to support the rights violations by the government on innocent people, both within their own territory and in foreign lands.

Dan refuses to get a driver's license.

He believes traveling is a human right. He has proven time and time again that the traffic courts are a scam, as traffic citations are largely enforced by fraud and coerced contracts.

Dan doesn't register his cars. 

 He believes property ownership is a human right. He knows that the motivation for government registration is to extort money from innocent travelers and property owners.

Dan ran for President of the United States in 2020.

He was #8 on the FECs top fundraiser list. Even though Dan was on the cover of LA times, he was still banned from running political ads on Facebook and YouTube. They claimed they could not verify his identity, despite responding to every single request for verification. Facebook suspended his advertising account three times. The first two suspensions were appealed and reversed. Facebook claimed this were accidents. The third time forbid him from appeal. 

Dan changed his middle name to Taxation Is Theft.

Dan changed his middle name lawfully, not legally. He says free men do not ask for permission, and his name belongs to him, not the government. He changed his name by public declaration and is recognized by this name. When asked if the government recognizes this name, he proclaims that he does not care, in fact he wishes they would not recognize him at all, as he would prefer to have no business with such a criminal organization.

Dan uses crypto-currencies and gold.

Dan uses cryptocurrencies and gold for most monetary transactions. He uses fiat currency, like Federal Reserve notes, as little as possible because of their inflationary and worthless nature. He believes that using these fiat currencies and paying taxes supports a worldwide banking cartel. The profits are largely though inflation, perceptualized through unpayable government debt, promoted by funding all sides of every war.

Dan is a life-saving drug smuggler.

Dan smuggles Insulin from Mexico to the US. He does this to fight against the government backed pharmaceutical cartel in the US. He knows that healthcare companies are just as greedy around the world, but only the laws in the US allow them to extort people as much as they do. While the government recently imposed a copay cap of $35, Dan knows that this is just a diversionary tactic that allows pharmaceutical companies to extract the same amount while forcing insurance premiums up.

Dan believes in the pursuit of happiness. 

He sees the drug war as a complete violation of this pursuit, and the limits the desire of people to consume mind altering substances in peaceful ways. He doesn't condone the use of many stronger drugs but acknowledges that we must make our own decisions and find out own paths. There can be no crime where there is no victim. Society as a whole cannot be a victim of itself.

Dan doesn't hate his political opponents.

He recognizes that most people have good intentions. Many of them are facing oppression imperceptible to others. They only want to stop the oppression. But divisive leadership shows them only solutions that hurt the other side.

Dan doesn't have heroes.

He believes hero worship can distort our perception of right and wrong. Nobody is perfect, and when we make heroes out of them, we are often left defending the indefensible. Instead, we should look for positive inspiration in everyone, and use that to guide us to become our own heroes, fighting for what we truly believe is right - not what we are told is right.

Dan is a not a politician.

He doesn't use political power to make himself rich. He has his own businesses which he uses to enrich himself. Many of the policies he advocates would even make it more difficult to be successful by introducing competition.

If you want to be free, support Dan. 

Question everything. Verify everything. Think for yourself. Draw your own conclusions. Support him only when his efforts support what you believe in.