Many people are frustrated with the “stay at home” or “shelter in place” orders. Rightfully so, these are in direct violation of the Constitution and a violation of our human rights. Isolation is a torture technique that has been used in illegal wars, and locking someone in their home can cause psychological effects like depression, anxiety, neurological damage, and more. This is not a normal human condition. We want social contact and we want freedom.

This weekend, a church held a drive in Easter service, where the congregation enjoyed the service from their cars. Police issued citations to attendees.

Even in Germany and Austria, escaping prison is not a crime punishable by law. But today in the united States of America, escaping your own home is a crime punishable by fine or imprisonment.

Over the years, I have learned to fight the government on their attempts to extort me and use me as a tax cow. I haven’t had a driver’s license in over a decade, nor registered a car. It has resulted in many citations, none of which I have paid. I have not been arrested for refusing to pay these, and since I have not had a license, they have not been able to suspend it.

This isn’t magic, this is simply a matter of standing up for your rights. Considering the following video. At 7:15, a car is stopped and an officer approaches the widow and starts asking questions. Any good law-abiding citizen might answer his questions, but these gentlemen knew they didn’t have to.

In this video, that same agency even stated that if a police car turns his lights on behind you, that you don’t need to stop. 

So which is it? How many of these questions and orders are they giving us that are really voluntary? And how many of those are really voluntary but they won’t even tell us if we ask. Remember, the Supreme Court has held that police officers are allowed to lie to you in order to coerce evidence of a crime.

In all the citations I have mentioned above, I have used a similar version of this letter below. You can ask your lawyer about this, but first ask him if he is an officer of the court. I want to encourage people to use this, with the correct modifications for their particular issue, and at their own risk. Of course, if I DID encourage that, I’m sure I could be held criminally liable, so I’m NOT encouraging that. But for those of you who are interested, here it is:




To whom it may concern:

I am writing in reference to citation number {CITATION NUMBER}, an alleged debt of {CITATION AMOUNT}.

First and foremost, this letter shall serve as a notice to cease and desist all collection activities on this alleged debt. You are not to attempt to communicate with me by any means except in writing to the address above, and solely for the purpose of providing validation of the alleged debt or acknowledging that you will no longer attempt to collect.

Any further attempt to collect on this debt will result in prompt legal recourse against you and your client. The Fair Debt Collections and Practices Act (FDCPA) holds that you may be held liable for civil penalties for the illegal collection activity on this alleged debt. Doing so would be an injustice to the taxpayers who are unknowingly funding this fraud and it’s legal liabilities.

I am objecting to the validity of the debt that you, {ISSUING AGENCY} or {CITY OR STATE}, are alleging. I have not committed any crimes under the jurisdiction of {ISSUING AGENCY} or {CITY OR STATE} or any of its courts, and I have no contract with {NAME THE CITY OR STATE ISSUING THE CITATION}.

Any signed citation that you may have was signed under duress, with the implied threat by the issuing officer that I would be forcefully and violently arrested if I did not sign. As I’m sure you are aware, contracts signed under duress are null and void. 

Any attempt to issue an arrest warrant for failing to appear or pay this debt will be considered a threat of an act of violence under the FDCPA.

If you have valid proof of your claim of debt, I demand that all evidence of this debt be provided to me. This includes any contract which which would create a civil debt and a statement of jurisdiction, signed under penalty of perjury.

If you are accusing me of a crime, please be aware that I will demand full access to all rights guaranteed to me by the constitution, including a lawyer at your expense and a full jury trial.

Failure to provide this necessary proof on demand, and continuing to attempt to collect on this debt or report it to any outside agency is a violation of the FDCPA, which may be used to assess civil penalties against you.

Since I am sure I am not the only victim of your malicious collection practices and threats of violence, a class action lawsuit may be in order.

I sincerely hope to never hear from you again,



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