Texas is home to both the LP Texas state convention, and the national Libertarian Party convention. It has already declared a state of emergency and ordered that large meetings not take place. If these orders continue, both of these conventions will be postponed or canceled. This could be disasterous to the Libertarian Party’s ballot access. If nominations are not made, candidates will not be declared, petitioning can not begin, and the dominoes will keep falling. This is my proposal to move forward with conventions, open, of course, to improvements.

First, we have to admit that there is a war on our freedoms. Soldiers have faced much more in times of war, like direct intentional assaults with chemical weapons. But this was no excuse to leave the battlefield. Instead, they take defensive precautions knowing what they are up against. Throughout history, many brave men have been willing to charge down bullets and give their lives in order to defend their freedom. This is our chance.

The government has ordered us to stay home, and if these orders extend to the dates of these conventinos, they can only happen against the will of the state. These conventions, however, are mostly unnecessary – at least for the short term. There is a lot of arguing over minutia, and there are presentations which don’t contribute to party business. If we can eliminate this, we can dramatically reduce the requirements of the convention itself, making it much easier to take place.

If the convention agenda includes only a single voting session, people can appear, vote and leave, dramatically reducing the amount of time needed to keep the convention up. Attendees should attend armed, as we do in many Texas open carry rallies, to discourage police from breaking up the event. Attendees should wear face masks, gloves, or full hazmat suits if so desired.

In order to make things go more smoothely, all discussions should be had ahead of time and made available for viewing to all delegates. This includes any debates for nominations or elecctions. When delegates arrive at the convention they will be prepared to vote on all items and ballots, without the need for discussion.

This is a simple solution that overcomes all obstacles.

Additionally, the voting could take place via remote communication. There are many ways to make this happen. Of course, many delegates pointn out that state and federal laws will prohibit this or invalidate the convention. Are we really going to lay down and take that? Or are we going to do everything possible to make sure we take care of business, and destroy the state when it attempts to reject the outcome?

We are dealing with tyrants, and we have to be prepared to fight. If we aren’t, then this isn’t the party I thought it was. The decision is yours.

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