Taxation Is Theft

I know this is a controversial issue, but it's at the top of my list. There are a few important things to point out about this.

Before you go jumping to any conclusions, let me set your nerves at ease. Just because I say nobody should be taxed, does not mean I want to get rid of all the things we expect from government. It simply means we have to find a better way to pay for it.

Taxation is, by it's very definition, theft. You are not asked nicely to contribute to a public fund, or asked for your two cents on how that money should be spent. Your money is taken from you without your consent, with the threat that force will be used aginst you if you resist. This can not be denied.

I know many people out there that are happy to give the government money, because they benefit from some of the government's programs. The problem with this is that for every $100 what we give to government, most of us will only receive $5 worth of value in return. Not only are we being robbed of 95% of the money we give them, we are being robbed of our choice in giving it ot someone else who might be able to provide a better service for a lower price.

I hear many people say that they don't see taxes as the problem, but how they are spent. The problem is that taxation creates an environment where money can be spent frivolously and without consequence. If government had to earn our money and keep our trust so that we could voluntarily pay them every year, things would be different.

Instead, we have no say in how much the government takes. Most who are directly involved in deciding how they will spend, have little to no consideration to where that money came from. They are given a budget and asked to spend it. The decision making process is degraded to the question of "what else can we get?" When all of the money is spent, those who determine the budgest simply argue that the budget should be bigger because there was nothing left.

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