Keep Up The Good Work!

These are things you can do to keep up the momentum:

Join your state Facebook / Behrman 2020 group: Dan Taxation Is Theft Berhman Group

Get flyers to hand out: Request them with the contact form. Make sure to include your address and pick your favorite flyer from:

Print and post flyers:

  • You can print as many of these as you like, and post them around town. Flyers

Reach out to your local LP

  • Contact your county LP affiliate
  • Attend public LP meetings
  • Arrange an appearance by skype for the candidate to talk to the party members
  • Deliver flyers for them to take to their outreach events

Event Outreach

  • Find local events
  • Work with the LP outreach volunteer to find out about LP outreach events and attend
  • Reach out to your team manager to get flyers, swag and other materials to hand out

Build A Team

  • Find 5 people to work with you
  • Connect with them 1 time every week
  • Ask them to commit at least 1 hour per week
  • Make sure they see this page to find things to do

Media Outreach

  • Contact your favorite radio stations, news stations, newspapers and ask them to have Dan as a guest
  • Contact online blogs, podcasts, news sites and ask them to interview and write an article about Dan

Direct Messages

  • Get a list of delegates, reach out to them and ask them to support Dan
  • Message libertarians asking them if they would like to join our team or donate

Social Media

Special Skills

  • Video editing
  • Edit short clips out of debate videos
  • Help local teams with creating images and content for their local groups
  • If you have any of these skills, please let your team leader know so we can organize this

Article writing

  • We need to reach out to the support base and write article about why they support the candidate and the platform. They can add special value if they are veterans, police, doctors, etc.
  • Articles about how the campaign can impact the country for the better
  • Write articles about support or policy - Dan is available for interviews for you!
  • Submit your articles to your own blogs and other blogs