Liberty Camp 2024

Nile Nest-Jinja, June 13th - 16th

My friends in Uganda are preparing for the Liberty Camp 2024. This has been an amazing event every year, and I've been following ever since I first attended in person in 2019. The organizers are dedicated and hard working, and they bring in students from all over Africa, spreading the word of liberty to every corner of the continent. I will be attending this year at a minimum by video conference.

I'm helping them raise money to put on the event, and for your support to help make this an amazing Liberty Camp! Please donate below.

Africa Liberty Camp is the biggest locally organized annual libertarian event for the university students and youths passionate about a free and prosperous society. The camp is an opportunity for young people to explore, learn and discuss from teachers of the free-market ideals, rule of law , individual liberty, limited government, CEOs of free-market institutions, entrepreneurs from across the globe and meeting the teams of young leaders working to spread big ideas of free market society to create future leader of these. The camp brings together young people from Africa and speakers from around the globe and the Liberty camp has been an inspiration for many young people to join the liberty movement in Africa and to start several libertarian organizations across the continent.

The participants of this event always have the opportunity to define the relationship between freedom and prosperity and objective reasoning and to understand the relationship between freedom and prosperity as well as a philosophical background of ideas for a free society.

This is an opportunity to expand the frontiers and the libertarians movement and the future leaders of freedom in Africa

As an organization, we hold a strong belief that educating the young people as our niche/target group as a foundation for building a free and prosperous society. We believe & uphold the power of free-market ideas in transforming the lives of individuals and how the free market has in a few decades lifted thousands of people out of poverty and made the world more prosperous.

The theme is “inspiring freedom, innovation and creativity" "