Frequently Asked Questions

If you get rid of the income tax, what about the roads?

There is a big misconception that taxes from our paychecks go to pay for roads. They don't. The federal, state and local governments take a combined $180 million PER DAY on gas tax at the pump. Add in traffic citations, toll roads, license, and registration fees, and they are up to $250 million PER DAY. That money is supposed to be earmarked for roads. While these are still taxes, and I do consider them theft, it is designed to only charge those who use the roads. This system does need to be transitioned into a voluntary system, which will ultimately cost less by getting rid of misappropriated funds and no-bid contracts.

What is your position on the border?

While most people are arguing over things like how tight security should be at the border, a few very important points are missed. The campaign HQ is located in Cancun, Mexico, and I love traveling. I have seen firsthand how restrictive government policies around borders can limit the freedom of people around the world, and stricter policies can drive entire nations into dire poverty. But while I dream of living in a world without borders, I understand that it's just not that simple.

The southern border of the United States is like a dam holding up the pressure of millions of gallons of water. If we were to just blow the dam, the damage caused by the water bursting through all at once would destroy everything in it's path. This isn't just an analogy for people trying to break through, this pressure is made up of consequences of the failed drug war and failed welfare programs.

Some are right to point out that welfare should not be given out to attract people from foreign countries. The simple solution to this is to stop giving them access to the welfare programs. If they come to work and better themselves, let them. Others are right to point out that there is a lot of violence on the other side of our southern border. But most of this violence is a direct consequence of the failed way or drugs and the resulting black markets. Ending the war on drugs here would eliminate the incentive for cartels to have any concern in shipping drugs to the United States.

What is the deal with the hat?

The hat is a pattern interrupt - and a statement. It says that I am not your average politician, and more importantly puts forth my core principle which is the belief that all taxation is theft. While most politicians will lie about their positions publicly, their voting record often contradicts that. Putting my principle so boldly on the surface ensures that I can never deviate from that position. Many people have reached out with support for the hat, because it made them stop and think and realize that their positions were wrong. Because of the hat, we have the attention and support of many people who have dropped support for Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, Donald Trump and others.

Is he serious or just seeking internet fame?

Make no mistake, this is a serious campaign. If you examine the policies put forth and the hours upon hours of discussion on these topics in new media, everything adds up.

How can he get enough people to vote for him when red and blue run the show?

The two party system has a stranglehold on the political environment, but while they take turns controlling congress and the white house, they often fail to deliver on their promises, or create programs with unintended consequences that negatively impact the lives of millions. People are tired of this and looking for other options. While I am coming to these voters from a party that most have not heard of, I have designed my message and platform in a way that is easier to understand based on their current political affiliation. That makes it easier for everyone to abandon the system that has been working against them for so long, and support someone who will restore power and freedom to the american people.

How can we pay for things without taxes?

The first thought we have when we hear “no taxes” is that the government won’t have any money. The government has many revenue streams, taxation is just the one that most of us know about because we have to deal with it every day. While a majority of the government’s income is from taxes, a majority of the government’s money is also wasted. If you get rid of their ability to rob us to pay for wasteful programs, the wasteful programs will go away. The government’s other revenue streams will continue to exist and that will be enough to pay for the public services that people demand. The most important part is that we have the power not to pay the government when it does a bad job. This is the same way the rest of the world works - it doesn’t make sense to be forced to pay for food at a restaurant that consistently over charges and treats its customers poorly. We have the power to take our business elsewhere, because we are not worried about going to jail if we stop dining at that restaurant.

Who does he like for LNC chair and why?

I’m not making any public endorsements, but one of the most important issues that I’m looking for is someone who can treat the LP like a brand, and understand new media and marketing, and really push that message forward.

What would you change about the LP?

The LP needs a serious branding and advertising overhaul. I found the LP by pure coincidence, after giving up a search for people in my community who shared the same views. With the money that the LP raises, a serious advertising and marketing campaign needs to be in place, along with the organization of resources and support for candidates at all levels, to help with media access, event coordination, fundraising, and infrastructure.

How much emphasis is he putting on swing voters?

While swing voters make up a significant voting block, capturing all of them wouldn’t be enough. That’s why this platform is strategically designed to interest voters who are strongly tied to their side in the two party duopoly. Support from Democrats and Republicans is helping us drive this campaign forward.

Are you running just to sell merch?

We spend more than the profit of all that merch and donations on running ads to promote policy videos and educate the public on libertarian philosophy, with millions of views and thousands of people directly thanking us for sharing that information with them. How do we spend more than profit and donations combined? I put in my own money that I earned from outside this campaign. Anyone who thinks this is a for-profit operation can look at the FEC reports and see how much we are raising and spending. This is an investment that I put my own sweat and blood into because I believe in the message.

Why are you running the campaign from Mexico?

Why not? There are so many reasons. First, there is a lot more freedom in Mexico and I enjoy spending time there. Second it shows contempt for imaginary lines, immigration policy and foreign trade policies. Also, it’s a learning experience. I have learned a lot from Mexico and many of the other countries I have traveled to with regard to societal problems and how they can be fixed. Some countries are able to solve the same problems with fewer taxes or less use of force. When I debate Trump going in to November 2020, I can point out that with all the time I’ve spent here, I’ve never seen a rapist or a murderer.