Free(v) Education

We have been told that higher education is the only way to succeed, but this usually puts students in a place of unbearable college debt and a diploma that won't get them a job.

The shocking truth about student loans is that banks get special protections to make bad loans that they know will take you a lifetime to repay.

The real solution is to get government out of the business of inflating the market by backing bad loans. Colleges will be forced to lower their prices so you can attend without a lifetime of debt.

Politicians created this problem

Education is not immune to market forces. Flooding any market with cash drives prices up.

Before the government started their student loan programs, the cost of education was much lower. A student at the most prestigious colleges could afford to pay their tuition with a part-time job.

Student loans don't increase the number of seats in schools, so it doesn’t increase your chances of getting in. It only increases the amount a student can afford, allowing schools to drive up their prices.

It may have been done with good intentions, but this is the government attempting to fix a problem with brute force. And it failed. Unlike any other loan, you can't escape this debt, even through bankruptcy.

Think: If loans weren't available, would colleges lose money by admitting fewer students from wealthy families? Or would they be forced to lower their prices to keep the classes full?

Solution: Treat these debts like any other so banks will be more careful with their lending and let the cost of tuition plummet.

This information comes from the campaign literature available for distribution here: Taxation is Theft Brochures