A Hall Pass for America

EDIT: This is an article originally posted on the website Behrman2020.com

In what world do you hire someone to force you to do things against your will, and to rob from you if you don’t follow their instructions. This, of course, is not something anyone would ever do.

It is said that the American government is one “of the people,by the people and for the people”. It is a constitutional republic,which literally means a thing that belongs to the people.Government employees are legally public servants. But any time there is a natural or man-made disaster, they are right there to take our rights away.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, different levels of government across the united States have issued varying degrees of lock-down orders and mandatory quarantines. They have given permission to some individuals, who they have deemed critical to infrastructure,to ignore these orders and do their jobs. This has created a new class divide in our society, where some people are labeled as a more important class than the others. The lower class have been harassed by the police or fined for being out in public or gathering in large groups.

To avoid incidents, many companies are giving their employees a hall pass, so that “authorities” will recognize these people as critical, and allow them to pass.

I object to all of this. While the Coronavirus is very real, a partial lock down is not going to prevent the outbreak. It is very likely that after the lock down, some people will have only contracted the virus recently, and will now be back into the mix with the rest of society. I object to our rights being taken away violated, regardless of the efficacy of such a plan. While I do recommend people avoid contact with others, wear masks in public areas, and wash their hands, the government should not force anyone to do this under the threat of stealing their property or causing bodily harm.

For many people who are not considered “critical”, I am offering for them to join my campaign. I have issued a letter, just like the critical infrastructure companies, to allow my volunteers to go where they need to go, and do what they need to do. This is critical to democracy, and it is critical to the first amendment. If the government has the power to control the media and shut down all opposing viewpoints by locking us in our homes, then they don’t need a virus to completely deprive us of all of our rights.

The link below will download this letter. If you want to join in the fight for freedom, just join my campaign,print this letter, and keep it with you when you travel. I’m offering $500, to the first person who can record confirmed video footage of a lock down police stop, where this letter is used.

Download the letter here.