Meet The Team

Dan "Taxation Is Theft" Behrman

The Candidate

Cancun, Mexico San Antonio, Texas

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Thomas Daniel Quiter

Team Outreach

Mt. Upton, New York

Thomas advocates for those with disabilities. He believes the high rates of taxation forced upon our communities fail to be justified by the weak and low standard social supports offered in return. Thomas wants Home Rule and to see communities better support their own who are in need with greater accountability for the safety and fulfillment of those needs. With lowered taxation and direct, cost effective in-community supports Thomas knows we can do this.

Karyn Thompson

Director of Media

Saratoga Springs, New York

Karyn Thompson is both the treasurer of the Saratoga County Libertarian Committee and a businesses owner. She is a vocal advocate for minimal government involvement in all of our voluntary transactions. She believes that most Americans are Libertarian at heart. And takes a "treat everyone with kindness" approach to turning this nation Gold.

Myra Matejka

Event Coordinator

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Born and raised in Cedar Rapids Iowa; Myra has worn many hats for the Libertarian Party in the last 8 years. From founding her county affiliate, Congressional District Representative, and State Co-chair. Her favorite part of working for liberty is educating and interacting with the public. This mother of four can really do it all! Favorite animal: Standard Poodle

Jimmy Dayton

Strategic Outreach

Macedon, New York

A family and small business man trying to stay free and prosper in the least free and one of the most over taxed states -- New York. He is fighting for a systematic, strategic spending cut. Until then, he is worried about the world his kids are living in. "I won't be here as long as them, so we got some serious work to do."

Andrew Dalton

Strategic Outreach

Tampa, Florida

Andrew has been an executive and consultant in the natural product and supplement industry for the past 2 decades. He has always believed in individualism and self regulation throughout his life but was formally introduced to the Libertarian movement in the 1990's by writings by Ludwig von Mises and Harry Browne. He is a family man, a supporter of the arts and believes that the true fight is to protect the smallest minority: "the individual".