2020 S.W.A.T.

Join the 2020 Skilled Warriors Abolishing Taxes (SWAT) team and partner with Dan Behrman to give your campaign a MEGA boost in your 2020 run. This is for candidates who are running as Libertarians for any office in the United States in 2020 and mostly agrees with the Behrman 2020 platform. Even if we disagree on a few issues or strategies, we can still work together. The most important part is that we agree on the core philosophy and messaging.

In 2016, Dan Behrman was part of John McAfee's Vote Different team. As part of this team, he personally built and hosted websites for dozens of strong libertarian candidates across the country, as well as providing campaign and social media strategy.

As part of our campaign, we want to partner with CROSS-TICKET Libertarian candidates in every state and at every level. We're going into this as partners. Together, we will share resources, reach more people, strengthen our message, demonstrate synergy, and display legitimacy. Our partnership will include everything from assistance with websites and technology, social media, volunteers, donors, organization, strategy, ground support and more!

Please answer the questions below to begin the process.