Edward Snowden deserves a full pardon

Edward Snowden is an American hero, who exposed crimes of epic proportions that the United States government was committing against its own citizens. He has been living in Russia as a refugee, rightly afraid that if he returns home, his own governemnt would imprison him for life, after facing trial in a kangaroo court. As president, I pledge to issue a full pardon for everything he has done, so he can return home.

Snowden was a contractor working for the NSA with access to classified information on the illegal operations of the NSA itself. He gave up a high paying job, his friends, family, and his life to bring us this information. Without this information, we still may not know about spyware and backdoors in all of our cell phones and laptops, warrantless wiretapping, and high-tech system used to assassinate people without any just cause.

"I would like to return to the United States. That is the ultimate goal. But if I'm gonna spend the rest of my life in prison, the one bottom line demand that we have to agree to is that at least I get a fair trial. And that is the one thing the government has refused to guarantee because they won't provide access to what's called a public interest defense," Snowden told "CBS This Morning." 

The federal government is not going to give him that trial, that is certain, cartainly not under current administrations. We already have a huge problem with the feds prosecuting and convicting innocent people, there is no way that Snowden can have any sort of fair trial.

In his book "Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent", Harvey Silverglate details how the federal government takes extremely vague laws and uses them against people with no criminal intent, no victim, and no harm done. This is a clear indicator that federal prosecutors are maliciously prosecuting anyone they can.

I personally know several people who have been charged by federal prosecutors including a lawyer who was charged with money laundering for simply accepting payment for his services by a defendant in another criminal case, and a gentleman who is currently serving a serntence for trading bitcoin without a state license, after his state admitted to him that the state does not require that license.

We do need criminal justice reform, and we need it bad. As president, I won't be able to change the laws, but I can render prosecutions ineffective by pardoning those who are innocent, forcing those prosecutors to focus their energy on real crimes with real victims. Changes to the laws will follow with the support of congress and the public at large.

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