Rebuilding a Broken System

America had become a broken system that has failed many Americans to believe that tough problems outside of the government's control have made things difficult for the people.

The truth is, most of the problems we face today were created by government, and can be solved by simply reigning that government in.

The framers of the Constitution knew that government has a tendency to grow. Because of this they wrote a constitution for a republic that would limit the government from expanding.

But the constitution, while it might have many good rules, is just a piece of paper. If those in the government decide to ignore it, that paper can't stop them. It is up to the people to use their to stop government from growing and abusing it's power.

Things aren't as bad as they seem. There is still time to repair the system.

Our government still functions on systems that were created over two centuries ago. And while many of the rules and systems are still valid, many of them need to be updated. With today's technologies, government can operate more efficiently and less intrusively.

While government has continued to grow, they have implemented many technological advances. Unfortunately, most of these technological advances have been in systems that can be used against us, like mass surveillance, weapons, internet censorship, etc. Meanwhile, not much effort has been put into systems that would allow us to use our power to enforce the rules of the constitution and limit government, such as voting systems, and transparency.

Ironically, the same technology that they are willing to use against us in mass surveillance has been resisted heavily when those have attempted to use it to surveil the government. For example, many places in government from city council meetings to the supreme court do not allow recording devices or public broadcast.

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