Petition NY for Primary Ballot Access

NY State is a Libertarian Battle Ground! With its first possibly Ever Libertarian Primary it is important that we have 2 or more candidates on the ballot for the primary. I want to be one of them! I want to stand for Both Principles and Individuality! It is important to always show consensus and choice. Put your party hats on and sign!

Optional Step 0.) Plan a Libertarian Party for signing! Bring Hats. Make sure you have some fun!

Step 1.) Read the instructions below, or print them to read, and print the petition.

Step 2.) Find another libertarian! or many!

Step 3.) Have everyone who is registered Libertarian and supports my campaign sign the petition as per the instructions.

Step 4.) The Very Last Libertarian signs the petition witness section(s) and mails it(them) to Karyn at the address provided at the end of the instructions download below. Once a Libertarian signs - that Libertarian may not witness. A notary may be used for the last Libertarian on a new sheet. DO NOT NUMBER YOUR SHEETS, WE DO THAT. Mail no later than February 3rd to ensure they are recieved in time for binding and submission!



Download the Petition

Download the Instructions

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