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danielDaniel Behrman

A hard working software engineer and video editor. I have worked mostly self-employed with a few full time jobs over the past 20 years. I started at a young age with contempt for the state's bureaucratic processes and never-ending sea of fees and fines which could be assessed for just about any reason - no matter how unreasonable or un justified the fee may have been. This brought me to learning to fight traffic tickets, only to find out that the entire traffic ticket system is built on government lies. Even the person who we are told is the 'judge' is usually not even a judge. I wasn't into politics until a few years ago. I started as a democrat, then became a republican. But it wasn't until i realized both parties were working together to lie, cheat and steal from me, that I gave up on partisan politics. I started looking for ways to work outside the system that would help to make the system better. This is when I founded AccountableAuthority - A public database for tracking police misconduct, where the government tries to keep it a secret so we can't see how bad things really are. Digging deeper, I learned that not only are police out to serve misjustice on innocent people for personal reasons, but that there is often little or no recourse for victims of their crimes or false accusations. Around this time I also learned about how the federal reserve is stealing money every day from hard working Americans by printing money and devaluing their savings accounts. I also learned that the entire banking system is a farce, a criminal ponzi scheme that is protected by the government - the very organization that claims to be protecting us from them! In 2010 and thereafter, I became a strong Ron Paul supporter. After he was rudely ignored by the republican party in 2012, I voted for Gary Johnson, who I believe was very close in his ideas. In 2013, I found the Libertarian party and decided to give them a shot. I was surprised to learn that they have a completely different approach to their organization that literally makes it harder for power hungry politicians to enter and corrupt from within. I also really connected with their Non Aggression Principal, and their ideals that the government that governs best is the government that governs least!

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